Samples for first collection

Jan 15

Out end of march


New GN250

New  Suzuki   GN   Tracker

Jan 16

Fanstastic detail on our brand new custom GN



oil rig

shanghai customs sr 400/xjr

Custom oil sump build

21st August 2015

With difficulty comes oppertunity, the annoying

that exaust blog

Exaust on our new SR/XJR hybrid

Aug 18 2015

Using the different frame we were able to



July 2015

Our brand new build is ready, have a look here



custom helmet

Hand  Painted  Helmets

Feb 11 2015

Custom Helmet Service available. Want to 

look a bit different on the electric scooter or

show some style on a shangahi customs build.

gear indicator

Shop  - led  gear  display

11th Feb 2015

Handmade parts now available in our online

store. International shipping available.


Cafe  Des  Stagiaires

Jan 30th 2015

What started off as an intern project has turned

into something quite remarkable for this group

of Belgium/French entrepreneurs.

rim factory

Bespoke  spokes

Jan 15 2015

The moto export manufactoring story is alive.. just.


Sunday Ride

Aug 17th 2014

Shanghai can become a little closed-in so it's great

to get out for a bit, but where to go? Why not the 

Shanghai beach!


fashion shoot

In Vouge

Dec 1st 2014

Asked by the renowned Ruy Fricks if we could

lend 'The Nesto' to a fashion photoshoot with a

bunch of models at the Waitan. Sure! I take my

camera down for a few snaps too - enjoy!


Toxic Fumes

19th Oct 2014

We take a trip to the paint shop, China style!



Chongqing  Moto  Show

20th Nov 2014


The Bike Shed

20th Nov 2014

Great to see our signature build 'The Nesto' get

featured on the Bike Shed, read the build story here


Purple rain

Sept 13th 2014

I catch up with my friend, and Miss China contestant

Da lu, we did a shoot and seeing the pics only two

words come into mind- Purple Rain.


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Custom  Motorcycles

Built  in  Shanghai


Our builds are generally Tracker, Brat and Cafe styled Motorcycles ranging in size from 150cc to 650cc .We start with imported Japanese bikes from the late 70's up until the 2000's before stripping them back 'head to toe' and customising to suit our individual tastes. With our upcoming export bike we have established factory networks right across China meaning we source the best parts on offer at amazing prices. Check out our recent builds to get a feel of our brand or follow our facebook page to stay up to date.



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Buy  or  design  a  Custom  Motorcycle!


We normally have a couple of bikes available in the workshop but also more than happy to sit down and design out your build for you. In addition we can help you get them legal so just get in touch here and give us a few details of what you are looking for.