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Shanghai Customs offers a unique mix of industrial design, sustainable fashion, automotive manufacturing and custom ride culture. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end electric build, stylish apparel or simply the chance to roll up your sleeves and build your own, you’ve come to the right place. Visit us in our designer studio, check out our latest innovations online or follow our social media to stay up to date with what we’ve got going on.


We normally have a couple of electric concept bikes, conversion kits or our production models on display in the studio, but if you’re in the market for something really special we are more than happy to sit down and plan something with you. We are interested in working on projects which challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. Our aim is to always keep developing our skills, offering new solutions to existing problems while retaining the distinctive style and aesthetic that underpins Shanghai Customs.



Truing rims is not fun, it’s just not. Especially with a 1000w (2000w peak) hub motor in the middle of one! This is a notorious issue for those lacing their own or buying themselves. Luckily our eCUB front and rear rims come pre-laced and true. Beautiful 6061 aluminum rims and stainless (not zinc plated) spokes. Almost there guys. #ecub #shanghaicustoms #electricmotorcycle #electricconversionkiteCUB battery charge and discharge tests! Very exciting to get these components done and get the show on the road! Shipping this month for sure. Out of the initital run of 25 battery kits we only have 5 packs left so please get the orders in asap, Chinese new year is fast approaching and things start to slow to a grinding halt. We'll be in touch with existing customers later this week to confirm shipping and logistics details. Thanks everyone & very exciting! #shanghaicustomsThe eCUB panasonic 18650 packs. Boxes connectors and rubber to go. #shanghaicustoms #ecub #18650Great news! @designboom has selected the eCUB2 on their top ten motorcycles for 2018. The eCUB2 was the basis for our conversion kits and actually uses the same motor and controller as our kits, however the battery on the kits is 1.3x bigger and everything else much more refined. The eCUB2 is ridden everyday by its owner in the South of China and he simply loves it!

Conversion Kits will begin shipping on the 20th of this month and arrive in 3 packages 1. battery plus charger box, 2. Electronics box incl motor and controller and 3. molded/structural parts and accessories. We are very busy putting the finishing touches on everything and also making the custom handmade parts, fenders, mounts, other little requests for each order. Would be greatly appreciated for people to get orders in now making packing and logistics a bit easier for us. Thanking everyone and really looking forward to getting started on this…/top-10-motorcycle-scooter-des…/
#shanghaicustoms #designboom #electricconversionkit #electricmotorcycle #ecubThe Bond eCUB 🇬🇧⚡️What color will you have on yours? #shanghaicustoms #electricconversionkit #ecub #electricmotorcycle #britishracinggreenAttention to detail and more quality parts for our kits! Our customers will be pleased to note we have upgraded our switches to production-level waterproofed versions. In addition to super high quality standard functions, these switches work seamlessly with our new BMS switch and twin-speed controller functions. The bottom left button acts as a kill switch, turning on/off the bike improving rider safety, while the bottom right is the speed mode (eco & boost) letting you control speed and range. Seems simple but actually super complex. #shanghaicustoms #ecub #electricbike #electricconversionkit #electricconversion #diy #industrialdesign #motorcycleswitch