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Shanghai Customs offers a unique mix of industrial design, sustainable fashion, automotive manufacturing and custom ride culture. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end electric build, stylish apparel or simply the chance to roll up your sleeves and build your own, you’ve come to the right place. Visit us in our designer studio, check out our latest innovations online or follow our social media to stay up to date with what we’ve got going on.


We normally have a couple of electric concept bikes, conversion kits or our production models on display in the studio, but if you’re in the market for something really special we are more than happy to sit down and plan something with you. We are interested in working on projects which challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. Our aim is to always keep developing our skills, offering new solutions to existing problems while retaining the distinctive style and aesthetic that underpins Shanghai Customs.



No noise, no chain, no clutch, no buzzing, no fuel, no fluids and a lot of style! An electric conversion really is a great way to up-cycle these beautiful old mopeds! ⚡️Not just DIY. Happy to have one of the worlds premier custom bike builders/fabricators in @adamkaylondon from @untitledmotorcycles London putting together and styling an electric cub. Looking forward to this one! Adam and his team make world class bikes, please follow their instagram and check out their other stunning builds too! ⚡️Details on our recent custom build. Built for the former British Consulate General in Beijing.⚡️Making DIY custom look production with our electric cub conversion kits!Big thank you to @silodrome for their feature article on our DIY eCUB installation video series. These videos are some of the most comprehensive DIY ebike tutorial videos available online and useful for those doing eCUB conversions, people generally interested about how electric bikes work as well as others doing their own custom electric builds. Definitely check them out on our youtube channel now and let us know what you think.⚡️ in the car lane!  New Shanghai ebike regulations, not to worry we are now an electric motorcycle :) Details are coming through of eCUBs getting registered and legal around the world. It really depends on the country and state to state. We offer an advanced DIY electric conversion kit for existing cub c70/c90 frames, most already have VIN numbers, which makes it a lot eaiser!