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Shanghai Customs offers a unique mix of industrial design, sustainable fashion, automotive manufacturing and custom ride culture. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end electric build, stylish apparel or simply the chance to roll up your sleeves and build your own, you’ve come to the right place. Visit us in our designer studio, check out our latest innovations online or follow our social media to stay up to date with what we’ve got going on.


We normally have a couple of electric concept bikes, conversion kits or our production models on display in the studio, but if you’re in the market for something really special we are more than happy to sit down and plan something with you. We are interested in working on projects which challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. Our aim is to always keep developing our skills, offering new solutions to existing problems while retaining the distinctive style and aesthetic that underpins Shanghai Customs.



Its easy to buy a motor, controller and source around for a non fitting battery, but putting them together and matching them as comprehensive package at a production level is much more difficult. In the myriad problems/issues that come with a DIY conversion one quickly realizes that the old wiring loom will simply not cut the mustard and a new wiring loom must be redeveloped from scratch and this brings with it a whole new set of problems and difficulties. 
Luckily, for our eCUB conversion customers, this is not a problem as we have painstakingly, prewired and preinstalled our electronic control unit (ECU) into our brand new high quality loom. Not to be confused with the motor controller, our ECU controls all the lights, switches, horn, flashers, relays and directs them in the right direction letting our builders get on with a clean and fresh install while focusing on the stuff they love like the finishing. 
Please stay tuned for a full, several hour long, step by step install guide with a big focus on the plug and play wiring. We will also have the quick version too and start to post pictures of customers builds, if they let us that is! 
Cheers everyone, kits available at www.

#electricmotorcycle #shanghaicustoms #ecub #electriccub #hondacub #diy #ecu #plugandplayUpdate on production eTRACKER. 
While we’ve been developing and selling our fantastic eCUB conversion kits, lifestyle products, high end electric customs as well as our upcoming Shanghai Customs Cafe we’ve also been working relentlessly in the background on our production eTRACKER which is soon to be launched under its own company and brand. 
Many of our followers came to us after our eTRACKER prototype was released on @BikeEXIF about a year and a half ago. It generated alot of interest and inspired many other electric custom builds/prototypes around the world. In the time since we have raised funds and assembled a world class team solely devoted to the design, manufacturing and sales of this bike. 
The production version is exceptional in all aspects and cant wait to share with you guys. Please stay tuned and thanks for the patience and support!

#etracker #shanghaicustoms #electricmotorcycle #bikeexif #industrialdesign #tracker #comingsoon #productionbikeReady for a project! In addition to building a fantastic ebike you will also learn a lot about how electric bikes work. Customizing electrics is in many respects more fun than their gas counterparts and so clean you can even do it in your living room! Our step by step installation video makes it super simple to follow along! Order your kit today!

Installation video filmed by @yosharts 
#shanghaicustoms #ecub #hondacub #electricmotorcycle #installationvideo #diy #custommotorcycleStep by step instructions for doing an eCUB installation. We have worked really hard to ensure the level is not too far above Ikea furniture! All you need is a frame and forks! Full video coming soon. #shanghaicustoms #ecub #diy #installationvideo #hondacub #ikea #electricconversioneCUB 2049, when it rains it pours! Believe it or not, this eCUB was built entirely with our 100% bolt on conversion kits from just a frame and forks, no welding or customizing electrics required. Step by step install video is coming soon and the kits are available now at Order yours today and get stuck into a real project!

All the beautiful photography on our website/social media is done by our talented cofounder and also head designer/builder Matthew. 
#shangahicustoms #eCUB #electricmotorcycle #electricconversion #hondacub #DIY #zaishanghai #rain #winterinshanghai shangahicustoms #eCUB #electricmotorcycle #electricconversion #hondacub #DIY #zaishanghai #rain #winterinshanghaiFree car wash and rain test. Although not a good idea to leave your custom electric cub out all night in the pouring rain, with our sealed internal battery & quality water resistant connectors/components throughout, you can give the seat a wipe and drive on.

#eCUB#rain #winterinshanghai #shanghaicustom#electricmotorcycle #electricconversionkit #hondacub