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Shanghai Customs offers a unique mix of industrial design, sustainable fashion, automotive manufacturing and custom ride culture. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end electric build, stylish apparel or simply the chance to roll up your sleeves and build your own, you’ve come to the right place. Visit us in our designer studio, check out our latest innovations online or follow our social media to stay up to date with what we’ve got going on.


We normally have a couple of electric concept bikes, conversion kits or our production models on display in the studio, but if you’re in the market for something really special we are more than happy to sit down and plan something with you. We are interested in working on projects which challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. Our aim is to always keep developing our skills, offering new solutions to existing problems while retaining the distinctive style and aesthetic that underpins Shanghai Customs.



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#shanghaicustoms #ecub #builtnotbought #caferacersofinstagram #coolbike #electricbike #hondacub #hondapassportOne from the archives. Daniel thrashing around the French Concession on the custom electric tracker. Stay tuned for announcements on the production version coming soon!We love it when we receive these kind of pics from the global community! Here is Patricio in Guadalajara Mexico picking up his ‘new’ cub on the back of a truck, getting ready for an electric upgrade! ⚡️Ready to roll! ⚡️ #electricmotorcycle #fashion #ecub #electriccub #builtnotbought #repurpose #custombike #electricconversion #oldshanghai #hondacubTires! With such a minimal electric bike the tires on the eCUB make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of the build. The good news is that with our high quality 6061 aluminum rims, 17 & 18 inch options, there are a ton of choices available!

We are happy to announce that we can now offer tires included with out kits (at a slightly extra postage and cost) so if there is a tire you have seen on one of our builds just let us know and we can include them for you. What tire would you choose to have on your eCUB? ⚡️Full eCUB wiring! This fantastic setup has been designed to take all the hassle out of wiring an electric bike. Its one of the most comprehensive looms ever made for custom electric bikes and as simple as plug and play. All items here come as standard in our kits, check out our instructional videos online and convert your cub to electric today!