SH Customs

The Original eCUB

Shanghai Customs presents the Original eCUB. Reinvigorating the timeless Honda CUB frame as a raw retro electric street bike, this 2000W powerhouse brings serious torque and delivers speed, style and slick performance to the streets of Shanghai as has never been seen before.

Tech Specs
  • 2000W rear hub-motor
  • 200 Amp programmable controller
  • 60V Li-ion battery pack
  • Speed: 60km/h
  • Range: 40km

eCUB 2.0

Our second iteration of the eCUB gave us a chance to work on a whole new set of characteristics from the first one. The original eCUB is loved for its raw edge and power, whereas with the Mk.2 we looked to bring a bit more refinement and city life practicality to the table. Weighing in at 10kg lighter and with a max range of 50km this bike really is the perfect city hopper while still oozing panache as only an eCUB can.

Tech Specs
  • 1000W rear hub-motor
  • 120 Amp custom controller
  • 48V Li-ion battery pack
  • Max Speed: 65km/h
  • Range: 50 km

The Veipai Sidecar

An hommage to Shanghai's most iconic vehicle, the Changjiang CJ750. With licensing getting ever stricter for motorcycles in Shanghai we are seeing fewer and fewer of these beautiful old sidecar bikes, so we did our own take on it. Using a Chinese Vespa (aka Veipai) we retrofitted a specially designed sidecar and voilà!

Tech Specs
  • 2000W rear hub-motor
  • 200 Amp controller
  • 96V battery (8 x 12V in series)
  • Speed: 80-90km/h
  • Range: 60km


The Shanghai Customs eTRACKER is an advanced electric custom prototype released in 2017. The eTRACKER version 1 is a remarkable build which has, and continues to, inspire many custom electric builds around the world. The eTRACKER blends a popular modern custom aesthetic with a classic retro silhouette similar to a midsize motorcycle like the Yamaha SR400. If you want to see it in all its glory feel free to swing by our Gao'an Road studio where it sits proudly on display.

Tech Specs
  • 5000w rear hub motor
  • 400 Amp (continuous) controller
  • 7kWh Panasonic Li-ion battery pack (18650s)
  • Speed: 120km/hr.
  • Range: 150-200km