There’s nothing more satisfying after months of development work than being able to see your creation standing on its own two wheels (and kickstand). Needless to say the first road test on the eCub Mk.2 was no different. Over the last few months we have been refining and re-refining the eCub and our Mk.2 was a big step for us in terms not only of performance but also of turning a one-off custom build into a bike that we can have road-legal and ready for small-batch production.

Out on Xiangyang Road

With adjusted suspension & brakes as well as a lower-profile front fork and updated controller, the Mk. 2 looked raw and felt refined as we put it through its paces on the streets of Shanghai. Xiangyang Lu south of Huaihai was relatively quiet (Sunday morning lull) so we gave the eCub a few runs to let the throttle out and see what it could do.  The controller and BMS worked seamlessly, delivering some pretty epic acceleration… just a slight flick of the wrist and you could feel the torque delivered immediately onto the tarmac. The new brakes worked beautifully as we maneuvered in and around the light morning traffic. This is exactly this sort of responsive performance that we have been pushing for in the eCub and it was awesome to feel our hard work come good.  

I’d be lying to say that we chose Xiangyang lu just because of the traffic (or lack thereof).. We nipped into Banana GG, where Roberto (what a guy) had kindly been keeping an eye on our gear, for a coffee and a debrief before looking for somewhere to try out some close handling. 

Kicking up sand and gravel as it whipped around turns and flying over makeshift bridges, the Mk.2 gave us a hell of a ride, and apart from a slight fishtail on a particularly aggressive sandy corner (my bad) it handled like a champ.

For now, it’s back to the workshop for us. Got to get this badboy prepared for the streets of Shanghai… and beyond! Keep an eye on our journal- updates to follow.