SH Customs

We have eCUBs in 20 countries and counting, including Japan, USA, Mexico, Cambodia, UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Australia, NZ and many more! Here are a few of the builds that people shared pics of to us. 

One of the things we love most about our kits is seeing the creations that people come up with. As we build a community of custom eCUB connoisseurs, it's important to have a space to share the most attractive & inventive builds that people have done using our kits.

This is where the best and most creative eCub conversions from around the globe are shared. We will periodically be running conversion competitions, so get building, submit your bike and you might find your one-of-a-kind eCub up here for all the world to see with a prize thrown in to boot!

If you would like to be featured just send us some pics!


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Green Machine in Japan
Mono eCUB

The Mono eCUB

Stunning build by MonoMotorycles in the UK
eCUB conversion kit

SC CUB Conversion

The Original eCub Kit