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eCUB Non Battery Kits

Everything you need except the battery, charger, CUB frame, front forks, front suspension . For the C70 & C90 and C50s. 

eCUB Full Kits

Everything you need except the CUB frame, front forks & front suspension. For the C70 & C90 as well as ’tank in frame’ C50s. 

eCUB Full Kit with Frame & Forks (NEW!!)

Everything you need for an eCUB build all the way down to the tyres. Contact us at for more info!



What is it designed for?

Our eCUB kits are designed for the C70, C90 and 'tank in frame' C50 Honda Cubs. The kits are intended to be DIY bolt-on kits not a full bike and definitely not a production bike. This product should be treated as such. We don’t recommend this kit for a complete novice it unless you are looking for a fun DIY project.

Will the kit work on a C50?

Full kits will only fit CUBs with the gas tank inside the frame, like the C70, C90 and 12v C50 models. The C50s with the detachable gas tank (6v C50s) will not work with our battery top unit or seat but the rest of the parts will fit. 

How difficult is the installation?

We will film and share an installation video shortly for anyone who would like a closer, more specific guide to how to assemble an eCUB conversion. The difficulty level of this kit is above a complex IKEA install and will take about a day or two to complete. Some of the steps are best done with two people and with the help of a solid bike stand. Because we have gone 100% bolt it is important to note the installation is 'fiddly' with many screws, packers and washers (all provided) going into tight places. This kit was designed for anyone who is generally handy with basic hand tools and has a comprehensive set of spanners, wrenches and screwdrivers to hand. Custom builders will breeze through it, and for those less experienced we will also help wherever we can. 

Do I need to weld, cut or make any frame modifications?

There is no frame welding or cutting required, however, given the small space we are working with and limitations on practical speed/range, we decided to opt for a larger battery which slides very close to the rear inner mudguard. This means that the rear inner fender mud might need to be tapped back with a hammer about 5mm in one place to enable the battery to slide down smoothly. This takes about 20 minutes to do as the angle is a little awkward, but it is worth it for the larger battery capacity. The change is inside the frame, non structural and cannot be seen from the outside. 

What about slight variations in frames over the years?

Given the wide range and subtle differences in CUB models we have left large tolerances for the variances in frame molds, screw positions and molded curves that have appeared over the years. We are confident in our dimensions and have tested on a number of models, but there may be some CUBs which require minor modification such as filing out screw holes. Most of our access to CUBs in China are Chinese versions, however we have made a point of tracking down several 80s and 90s Japanese frames and have confirmed our kits fit perfectly. Please feel free to contact us to check and once installed send us your serial numbers so we can build up a database of frame differences and start a community that can help each other with their conversions. 

Any impact on side covers or the Cub fairing?

We are providing new small side covers in the kit, but if you opt to use the original larger covers a small nick may need to be taken out of the bottom inner (unseen) side of the plastic side covers where the new bottom 'engine cover' sits. This can easily be done with a small file. Filing may also be required for the front fairing in this position. Top front fairing mounts have not been changed and we are working on a bracket for the engine mount position which we hope to include in the first December shipment. The fairing is not included in the kit. We have also included 3M rubbers and stoppers which can be used to ease the battery box slide, box adapter, and lock positions. 

How about for 2 people?

Our kits are designed for one person however, for short distances, custom builders could adapt for a passenger riding pillion.

How about the after sales support?

We want to start a community with this project. We have access to amazing resources and can work with you guys to continuously expand this project and develop additional products where requested. To be honest, we just can’t wait to get stuck in and see where this new concept we are pioneering takes us. Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to working with you all! Factory warranty (1yr) is present for battery, motor, controller and display- for the rest if you have an issue just let us know and we will help you sort it out!




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