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Full Frame eCUB Kit

Price: $3,949.00

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Everything you need to build an eCUB all the way down to the tyres. You can choose tyre style, paintjob colour, seat colour, shocks colour.
Good quality C70 & C90 frames can be hard to come by in certain countries so we decided ought to provide them from China! We searched for high quality frames and in the end commissioned bespoke higher-grade steel frames & forks from a factory near Shanghai.
We ship your eCUB to you disassembled in four boxes.
Product Components
Electrics (all come with full plug & play wiring loom/connectors)

  • DCDC convertor (20amp)
  • Switches, left and right lights and indicators
  • Front head lamp and stand
  • Electronic 3 wire throttle and matching left grip
  • 12v Electronic Control unit ECU and splitters
  • Electric motor, 1000w (3500w peak) pre-laced in 17inch x 1.6 rear rim 
  • Controller (50amp continuous 120 peak)
  • eCUB 1.3kWh battery pack (52V 25Ah. Panasonic GA 18650 3.7v 3500mAh cells). Battery Management system (BMS) prewired and installed
  • Alarm and keyless entry (pre-wired)
  • Connector boxes (pre-installed)
  • Remote keys (pre-installed)
  • Charger (5amp)
  • Digital display and mount
  • Rear brake light and/or indicator strip
  • Full wiring loom
  • Front/rear indicators


  • eCUB frame
  • eCUB forks
  • Rear disc brake, adapter, cord and front lever
  • Front brake lever
  • Front Rim 17inch x 1.4.
  • Top unit
  • Swing arm and adapters
  • Rear shocks
  • Handlebars
  • Front and rear rims (rear laced with motor, front preassembled)
  • Battery box frame mount/lock adapter
  • Tire inners front and rear & spoke rubber cover
  • Controller bracket
  • Bottom cover
  • Foot rests
  • Low-profile seat
  • Screws, packers & washers (all that are required for full build)
  • Top handlebar yoke
  • Rubbers and 3m tape
  • Indicator mounts
  • Top screw adapters
  • Side covers (small)
  • Swing arm axel flats and rear brake caliper
  • Axle columns
  • Tyres

The eCUB battery is globally certified with CE, MSDS, and UN 38.3 certificates and can be exported to any country in the world.
We may ‘swap and change’ certain non-core accessories such as lights, switches and more depending on supplier availability, scheduling, iterations/improvements and/or customer feedback. We are only interested in providing quality parts so our customers can rest assured we have them covered.
The frames are Chinese domestic frames so do not come with a VIN. Customers can apply for VIN numbers in their local jurisdiction.