SH Customs

Who We Are

A Kiwi, a Pole, and a Brit meet in a bar…. What were the chances we would be united by a shared passion for electrics, sustainable living, and the limitless potential for innovation that they offer? Such is the cultural melting pot that is Shanghai.

Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds and careers, we blur the lines between tech & design, between fashion & sustainability, between gritty manufacturing & sleek final product and this is reflected in everything we do.

What do we do?

Shanghai Customs is democratising electrics, making an electric lifestyle truly accessible for the first time. We live and breathe every part of our bikes’ lifecycle, laying bare the journey from design, to build, all the way to the street and beyond.

We take enormous pride in our quality custom builds and production models, but we don’t stop there. Through our electric conversion kits we are helping people easily repurpose old bikes, extending the lifespan of beautiful CUBs that would otherwise have found themselves on the scrapheap. Meanwhile, our innovative plug & play design makes electric builds accessible in a way they have never been before. In doing so we are building an incredibly diverse community across the globe of people from all walks of life who aspire to a sustainable electric lifestyle like we do.